Aaron’s Policy Statement as a TokenSets Social Trader

As a trader on TokenSets my goal is to make my strategies (sets) and my actions as a trader as transparent as possible. The self-imposed policies listed below ensure that goal is achieved.

  • All Moonshot set profit that I earn through fee’s will be reinvested back into the sets. I will consider all profits from fee’s locked-up for 3 years. This is to ensure that the community knows that I am not here to collect fee’s and leave, but that I am personally vested in my own strategies (I believe three years is a reasonable amount of time to know how well a strategy will perform in the long run).
  • My Moonshot sets will only take trades provided by the Moonshot algorithm. I will never alter a trade because I personally disagree with it.
  • I will provide annual analysis of my sets and my plans/goals for the following year.
  • All sets that I create will be transparent to the end user. That includes providing detailed descriptions of set mechanics, performing exhaustive testing and making those results public, and highlighting live performance metrics.
  • Changes to a sets algorithm and/or parameters will be made known to set purchasers and the general public prior to any changes. Changes will be recorded in a change log that is accessible to the public.
  • I will do my best effort to answer any questions regarding me the trader, my sets, set strategy, set testing regime and results, and set live performance.
  • I will continue to find ways to add value for those buying into my sets, whether that is continuing to improve a sets algorithm or developing add-on’s such as indicators and strategy’s that work on 3rd party platforms (TradingView, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, etc.)

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