This article is to provide some details of fee changes I plan on implementing within the next week on my candlestick price action sets. I have noticed a trend where holders will buy sets when a new trade is initiated and sell the sets once the trade is closed. Some set holders are using this as a way to pick up gains from a trade but then avoid streaming fees, effectively gaming the fee system. I expect this type of thing to only increase over time.

My solution to this will be to implement a small entry fee (0.25%) that will disincentivise jumping in and out of sets to avoid fees. I feel strongly that having 3 different fees types is wrong so have decided to eliminate my performance fee and go strictly to streaming fees. For that reason I will be setting the performance fee to 0% and increasing the streaming to 2%.

I expect this to be my final fee change to the overall structure of my fees for the long term. This change will both solve the issue of gaming the fee system and eliminate performance fees which I am not fond of (I wrote about performance fees in detail here The Truth About Performance Fees).

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