LINKETH PA Set to Resume as a Trial Run

For those who are current/previous holders of my LINKETH PA set, I have been discussing/working with TokenSets and we may have a market maker who will agree to backstop the LINKETH auctions and provide liquidity. To make this work I will have to communicate with TokenSets actively on potential trade entries/exits before they occur so that the market maker(s) can prepare liquidity and properly hedge in preparation for my set rebalancing.

There are certainly some challenges with this as my trading is quite discretionary so I can’t just say I will enter when ‘x’ and ‘y’ happen, but I can try and provide some sort of confidence window when I think a trade is close to occurring. I am going to give this approach a trial run and see how it works out. If it doesn’t work then I am going back to having a full pause on the set until we figure out a new solution. If it does work out then I will consider the set as fully activated again. I will also limit trades to only higher time frame setups. This means I will have to pass on good setups if I feel they are too low of time frame or the profit targets are too small.

If you already divested then I will leave it up to you to decide if you want to take the slippage risks. I will be putting some of my own trading capital back into the set as a vote of confidence in this new approach. I will be leaving the streaming fee at 0% until we have our first trial run trade and I know this is going to work long term. Feel free to DM me any questions through either Twitter or Discord.

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