Price Action Set Fee Levels

I recently made some changes to my sets fee structure which completely phased out performance fees and introduced a small buy fee. I am adding a final piece to the puzzle to form a coherent, standardized, and performance-based structure to my fees. This will come in the form of fee levels where my fees will start off at 0% and will not increase until my sets start generating positive performance.

Below is a table of my fee structure. The first and most important thing to point out is that my streaming fees will be set to 0% for any set where my sets have not crossed about 5% gains yet. Once a set does cross 5% the annual fee is set to 2% for the life of the set and never increased further. The buy fee is increased by quarter percent increments as major milestones are crossed such as 25%, 50% and 100% gains.

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My sets are benchmarked against ETH so the ‘Inception % Gain’ is based on my sets gains vs. ETH

This fee structure is designed to both motivate and reward me for generating profits for my set holders thus further aligning my incentives with my holders. It is also designed to not add any additional fee burden to current holders due to the fact that the buy fee is only charged on new purchases so any current holders are not affected. This essentially rewards my early buyers who are taking on more risk by allowing them to buy in at much lower fees.

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