Things to Know Before Buying a Moonshot Set

If you are considering buying any of my sets on TokenSets, which are built on my Moonshot trading algorithm, then please read my comments below.

  • Before you do anything else, head over to my policy statement and read the self-imposed policy I will be adhering to as a social trader on TokenSets.
  • One thing I want to highlight from my policy statement is my promise to lock-up all fee-based profits into the Moonshot sets for 3 years. I want the community to know I am not here to collect fees and run. If this strategy loses your money, it will lose mine as well.
  • I have seed funded my 3 Moonshot variations (BTC Moonshot, BTC Moonshot X, and ETH Moonshot X) with $10,000 of my own money. I don’t expect the community to take on risk that I myself wouldn’t be willing to take. If this strategy loses your money, it will lose mine as well.
  • The Moonshot sets are in no way connected to my discretionary trading. I swing trade candlestick charts as well as sell options premium through delta-neutral, short theta strategies. My personal trading is private and will stay that way. Moonshot on the other hand is a fully automated trading algorithm with no discretionary input.
  • Moonshot has no live performance data… yet. That will change once the set goes live. While the backtests look very promising, you should understand the additional risk.
  • My testing has shown that adding volatility-based rules on top of standard trading indicators such as RSI, can significantly increase alpha.
  • To account for the fact that my strategy has never been ran live before, I am launching it with a low fee. This is to give a benefit to those who took the extra risk early on. If the strategy performs well then I will be increasing the fee.
  • My algorithms will be continuously improved upon so that value can continue to be added to those who purchase my sets.
  • It takes a tremendous amount of time for the analysis and researching of algorithms. If you like the work I am doing in the automated trading space, then consider a purchase of my sets as a way to contribute to that work and ensure that I can continue doing it.

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